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Infrared System Estia LCR

Infrared System Estia LCR
Infrared System Estia LCR Infrared System Estia LCR Infrared System Estia LCR
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The accumulation of warmth through a heating device.
It's a great infrared heater , modern design made ​​of cast aluminum pop , thus yielding at us twice as much energy of infrared radiation produced by ceramic emitters of Elstein, retaining its color and structure over time, with low acquisition costs and immediate payback without your maintenance costs .
In 400Ch170mm dimensions has the ability to heat to 35 2met spaces . only 1600W nominal power , can also be armed from two different possible types of ceramic emissions , the long-lived LCR 250Ch95mm of 750 ° C in the 1200W 1500W 230V, by the twin -efficient HTS 125Ch125mm offering 20% more thermal energy their constituent reaches 900 ° C at 800W, 1200W, the 1600W 230V. With usage time 20,000 hours .
The combination of fast (7min) and high temperature (900 ° C) at low power (watt), producing the ceramic emitters of Elstein, allow our devices to quickly recover the temperature of a space, even in what extreme cold conditions and humidity, without requiring the operation 24 , thus providing the maximum economy in consumption of electricity.
 The series Estia was driven easy use by everyone , our security and economy of power seeking . With the above criteria , our company Mica electric heaters built , two different models which in no way allow our devices to develop internal temperatures above 200 ° C. A range of insurance is routed to interrupt their operation so there is no unnecessary use of electricity and prevent accidents during use, describing them as energy efficiency A.
These are :
Type 'S' which our safety , bears internally a fixed setting thermostat operating at 180 ° C and a second safety thermostat 200 ° C without restoring . The control on-off operation as the temperature in your space become a third external thermostat 10-30 ° C accompanying the device and allow one or more of them to maintain a constant internal temperature of a room or the entire house according with the needs. Responsible workshop will take the installation .
Type 'T' who also secured internally with a configuration variable operating thermostat from 30-200 ° C with an outer clear plastic wand rotation rating scale of 0-6 which allows us to define the temperature of the device , resulting in the check the approximate temperature of a single place that is installed. The apparatus has a bipolar pulled 16Amp switch on off with cord that allows us independently and voluntarily use this or not . The type ' T' except for permanent installation on the wall does not need any external or internal electrical wiring , making it easy to carry the device in the future.
In front of a suitably shaped external distinctive and mesh that protects the user from any objects that pass in front of the heater during operation.
An invisible after installation , strong base foil thickness 4mm, horizontal mounting accompanying has up to three different points on a permanent support to the wall, while offering the possibility of regulating the call will have the device in the area from 0 to 45 °.
Devices accompany CE certificate according to EN555014 -1: 2006 & EN62233: 2008
Instructions for installation and use are included in the box.
Warranty 3 years .

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