MICA Electric Heaters (Infrared Store)

About Us

All started on 1985, when we made our first steps for the construction of electric heaters that concerned exclusively the plastic machines.

Since then have passed several years in which our company, with the continuous development of its products, has shaped its own dynamic in the market of electric heating manufactures.  

Heaters of closed type, high density cartridge heaters, tubular with incorporated thermocouples, infrared systems of heating, bright and dark infrared emitters.

Systems of sterilisation with UV, Heated cardigans and pipes, are products which we first manufactured and promoted in the Greek market. 

Through our experience and the knowledge that we have acquired, we intervene effectively giving solutions in difficult applications of heating where it has been asked to us: 

Olympic work, Attica Underground, Suburban Railway, Institute of Nuclear Physics, Techical university Athens and all who daily trust us for their small or big requirements.

Therefore we owe one big "Thank you" to you who trust us and prompt us in new technological paths.  

We will be always willing to serve you.  


Kind regards, 

Fazakis Ioannis
MICA Electric Heaters


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