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What is infrared radiation and where it comes from?

Modern production techniques require modern heating.


The infrared heating technology offers an economic and accurate application, transferring large amounts of energy in a short time without contacting with that source.


With the use of appropriate metal alloys (tungsten, chromium, nickel, iron, etc.) a metal spiral, which is immersed in a sufficiently strong ceramic, with successive layers of enamel, can perform high degree of efficiency infrared radiation (99%) without significant energy loss.


The infrared radiation is safe and friendly to the environment and humans, just because it emits infrared portion produced by the sun (4-10 microns) and is responsible for the heat in the earth, without containing any harmful rays including the whole range of UV and X rays.


It may be mentioned that even helps to reduce emissions into the atmosphere.


The areas of application of infrared rays are numerous and diverse. Began more than 60 years ago, to meet the needs of industry (thermoforming materials, etc.), to get today this application to the simple everyday use (heating rooms and workplaces).


The most important thing is to choose the right ceramic emitter for each application, so it fits the room heating, according to the energy absorption of the area that we want to heat. Summing all these elements, we ensure a constant feeling of heating in the rooms.


We are proud of the existence of these products. We create a high-efficiency heating for our clients, while contributing to: 1. In energy saving 2. Healthy house living (cleaning the air of dust mites, mold, moisture, etc.) 3. The relief of human musculoskeletal system (such as impact the sun without the harmful rays).


Elstein’s products cover the entire spectrum of infrared rays and can help (according to your choice), the optimal infrared source to meet your requirements.



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