MICA Electric Heaters (Infrared Store)

Installation Guide



For space heating the usable distance reaches 4-5m. Materials such as plastic, aluminum, wood, inert materials (tiles, walls), absorb the maximum radiation of the device, with a penetration of 2% of the surface.

 1.   Remove the foil from the base unit EBF (M8 bolts).

   2.   Adjust the aluminum base to the wall of your choice, making sure the system EBF cover most of the room at a height of about 2              to 2.3 meters. Replace the aluminum base unit heating EBF (M8 bolts).

  • Electrically connect the heating unit in series with the thermostat and the thermostat on the nearest power supply. (see electrical installation, p. 5 & 6)
  • Ensure the best connection and ground contact throughout the process.
  • Use three-conductor cables (phase-neutral-ground).
  • Do not substitute the cord with standard cables. There is a risk of fire. 

   3.  Turn the thermostat knob to position "on". Now the system is ready to deliver heat to your space.


On picture No1 we mention the correct position of the infrared heater (angle = 60 ° -80 °), during installation, so we feel the heat on our shoulder, when we find ourselves in the middle of the room.

On pictures No2 and No3 we mention the wrong position of the infrared heater during installation. If this happens, the space will not warm up properly and damage may occur.












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